mixed language coding

I tried this last week and didn´t get the response I had hoped for.
Please allow me to try again:

I have an application in Perl and another in c that I want to combine
into a single app.  Currently the perl code uses perl/Tk and the c code
does not have a gui.  My plan is to create a gtk+ gui using glade.   As
I see it there are a few approachs to the multi language issue:

The perl code would have one or two dialog windows that would keep the
focus while open.  The c code is much more complex.

1.  Write all the gui in c and call the perl code from within callback
wrappers written in c.
    This seems like it would involve a lot of interface writing.

2.  Write the part of the gui for the perl in perl and  the rest in c -
I think i would then need many fewer calls from c to perl
      possibly only two - one to setup the interface and another to
invoke the dialog.

Does anyone know of an example that does this and what kind of problems
i might encounter?


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