Re: mixed language coding


Jim Edwards writes:
1.  Write all the gui in c and call the perl code from within callback
wrappers written in c.
    This seems like it would involve a lot of interface writing.

2.  Write the part of the gui for the perl in perl and  the rest in c -
I think i would then need many fewer calls from c to perl
      possibly only two - one to setup the interface and another to
invoke the dialog.

Does anyone know of an example that does this and what kind of problems
i might encounter?

Actually I had just written a C programm that calls some perl routines
(for parsing files and extracting some information from that).
I'm not a pro at this so I used the pretty straightforward examples
from the perlguts, perlembed and perlxs man-pages.
Unfortunately this lacked memory like hell.

I posted this question to the PerlXS mailinglist:

at perl org/msg00277.html

but never got a reply. So for the moment I have abandoned embedding
perl in C programs. Probably the other way round works better.

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