Re: Gtk->main

On 06/09/01 Eric wrote:
Let me include the code so that you can see exactly what I'm doing.  This comes directly from the tutorial.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use Gtk;         # load the Gtk-Perl module
use strict;      # a good idea for all non-trivial Perl scripts

init Gtk;        # initialize Gtk-Perl
set_locale Gtk;  # internationalize

There is nothing wrong with the code (though set_locale() needs to be done
before initializing Gtk to take effect).
If you get segfaults or Gtk->main quits immediatly, you have a
broken libgtk+ or a broken perl or a broken Gtk-Perl installation
(or all of them).
Providing info on the versions of the packages you're using may halp
as well as the operation system version.
Make sure you don't have duplicated versions of any of libgtk+, perl,
gtk-perl lying around (they may be incompatible depending on
the build options you selected).


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