Re: Tutorials Future

The first thing I have to say is thank you so
much for the tutorial.  I think documentation
(especially like this) does more to help the Open
Source/Free Software community grow than anything
else.  When I'm done with my current project, I
definately will be giving back some documentation
to the community as thanks to those, like you,
who have already spend much of their time to help
out others.

I like your ideas for the new layout, and would
like it if it included a comprehensive & compact
reference (kind of like the gtk-perl & gnome-perl
reference sheets, but with a little explanation).

One of the things I didn't like about the old
layout is that the organization tended to follow
the class hierarchy (which is logical), but I
prefer something geared more for how widgets are
used or the order in which they would be added to
each other.  This is probably just personal
preference though.

Just my pennies' worth.

thanks again for such awsome work,


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