Re: Tutorials Future


From: Stephen Wilhelm <swilhelm theriver com>

#  First, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me over the past year

  And many thanks for the tutorial. 


#  I feel it is time to start on a rewrite.  Because of this, the tutorial
#  won't get updated much for the next few months (or more).  Rather than
#  referring to the document as a tutorial, I've given it the name "Learning
#  Gtk-Perl".  The organization is tentatively planned to be as follows:

#      Table of Contents
#        1.  Gtk-Perl Tutorial (just the facts, ma'am)
#        2.  Gtk-Perl Widgets
#        3.  Gnome-Perl Widgets (which I haven't even started to document)
#        4.  General (timeouts, IO, selections, drag-n-drop, and other
#            things not widgets)
#        5.  Administration
#      Index
#      Glossary

  I like the current organization, maybe because I had partly read the
C version, so it looked familiar. It's easy to quickly find
things. But there's no doubt that your planned organization should
work fine too.

#  The organization is intended to be more like a books than an online
#  document (mainly because of its size, I am not trying to get published,
#  though that would be cool).

#  I am also considering a section on custom widgets and a section on Gdk
#  graphics, though I'm not sure if they should go between 4 and 5, or be
#  their own documents.

#  Because of this, I would appreciate it if I could be some input.  First,
#  what does everyone think of the rewrite?  Second, what works (and what
#  doesn't) with the existing tutorial?  Any areas where you think I could
#  use improvement would be appreciated.  And finally, contributions
#  (especially of example programs and chapters that I've not written yet)
#  would be very helpful.  I would also like some help on the question of
#  custom widgets, which I haven't much experience with, except for some

  Shame on me, I am almost as advanced as I was a year ago, when I was
proposing to write a tutorial on adapting custom widgets ... One
problem is I forgot wathever docbook I started learning, another is I
still don't really understand how custom widgets are glued to perl and
a third is that I'm writing my PhD thesis.

#  basic object oriented programming.

#  And finally, I would like to apologize to those who have expressed a
#  desire in the areas of the tutorial that aren't done yet (styles,
#  drag-n-drop, etc) for the delay they are going to experience in getting
#  this information.

#  -- 
#  Stephen Wilhelm
#      See my Gtk-Perl Tutorial:

  Cheers on your new project and thanks again for the documentation,


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