Re: Tutorials Future

Stephen Wilhelm wrote:

First, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me over the past year
Thank you for such a useful tutorial.

I've given it the name "Learning
Gtk-Perl".  The organization is tentatively planned to be as follows:

    Table of Contents
      1.  Gtk-Perl Tutorial (just the facts, ma'am)
      2.  Gtk-Perl Widgets
      3.  Gnome-Perl Widgets (which I haven't even started to document)
      4.  General (timeouts, IO, selections, drag-n-drop, and other
          things not widgets)
      5.  Administration
Perhaps an 'Introduction' would be useful and could also explain a little
about the differences between C and perl implementations - for instance 
that $tree_item_ref->add() is perl's way of doing C's gtk_container_add()

Maybe also a section that deals with building applications and 
communicating between different forms and dialogs to use an event-driven
toolkit to best effect - where do you draw the line though?
I'm not sure what 'Administration' means here.

I'm sure that Lupus wouldn't mind if you used the Gtk-Perl test scripts
as a starting point :)

what does everyone think of the rewrite?  Second, what works (and what
doesn't) with the existing tutorial?  Any areas where you think I could
use improvement would be appreciated. 
I reckon that the existing tutorial is very good at explaining the
widgets and methods - the examples are especially clear and helpful.

A simple but fairly complete app could feature all the widgets and put 
the examples in context but I suppose that this is not trivial :)

Do you have a URL for the rewrite? I will follow any work that you choose
to do with great interest and I'll try to make some constructive

Thanks again for your work.

Regards, Dermot

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