Re: Gtk-Perl on HP-UX 11?

On 01/15/01 HOLOWKO,LARS (A-Germany,ex1) wrote:
I ran into troubles compiling GtkPerl 0.7004 on HP-UX 11 with gtk+1.2.8
(only) and gcc 2.95.2.

What kind of problems did you get compiling it? Errors or just
the warnings you report below?

After getting rid of the getpwuid_r warning I get this warning, every time I

getpwuid_r is not used in Gtk/Perl, so it must be somewhere else.

run any script that uses Gtk:

Can't make loaded symbols global on this platform while loading
/opt/perl5/lib/site_perl/5.6.0/PA-RISC2.0/auto/Gtk/ at
/opt/perl5/lib/5.6.0/PA-RISC2.0/ line 200.

Most samples run (e.g.,, the Gtk-only part of but the error message is very annoying - doesn't look that

I have never seen this error message when installing any modules with a C
core before.

It looks like HP-UX doesn't support RTLD_GLOBAL.
You can get rid of the warning deleting the 

sub dl_load_flags {0x01}

line in
Could you provide me the output of:

perl -e 'print $^O, "\n"'

so I will take care of disabling it automatically for the next release.


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