Re: trouble installing

On 01/18/01 Maher Awamy wrote:
I am not so sure how supported Gtk::Perl is on Darwin, but those errors are
Gtk::Perl errors, you may want to compile Gtk::Perl yourself and look for
errors or ask on gtk-perl-list gnome org for more info, I have already cc'ed
the list.

Currently sub-modules are not supported on systems that don't
provide RTLD_GLOBAL for exporting symbols in dynamically loaded
libraries (as used by DynaLoader).
I'll probably work-around this problem building a convenience
shared library on those systems, but this isn't high priority for
me now. If someone feels up to the task, just ask and I'll provide 


lupus debian org                                     debian/rules
lupus ximian com                             Monkeys do it better

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