Re: Creating custom widget in Perl

On 02/26/01 dLux wrote:
| Well, when I created the debian packages I didn't do anything
| special:-) Did you have the cvs version installed or did you use
| -Mblib? Anyway it looks like something weird happened on your box...

I think the weird thing would be the --lazy-load option...

Yep, that makes sense. I added lots of optimizations in the
last few months that make the --lazy-load option not worth
it anymore. A complex Gnome app loads in 1 second on my K6-400 box
if you have already other Gnome/Perl apps running.
Using lazy-load would not gain you much if at all. 
I don't have hard numbers to support this claim: feel free to
experiment and report back if you have the time:-)
I'll add to cvs the trick I use to make the dynamic linker map
the libraries faster: that could provide better speedups.


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