Re: Creating custom widget in Perl

On 02/23/01 dLux wrote:
| Again, are you sure you call Gtk->init()? What version of Gtk-Perl are
| you using?

Yes, I cut'n'pasted the line from your mail.

I have used the CVS version of 0.7005 from The debian
packages seems to solve that problem, and gives back the proper answer.

Well, when I created the debian packages I didn't do anything special:-)
Did you have the cvs version installed or did you use -Mblib?
Anyway it looks like something weird happened on your box...

| 1) your class simply derives from a Gtk class (you create a new perl
|    class, but not a new Gtk type). In this case simply setting @ISA is
|    sufficent.

Can I use this module as a widget in this case?

Yep as long as you created it with Gtk::Widget::new() or Gtk::Object::new()
(you can rebless it to your own package, obviously) and that


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