On 02/22/01 Gregory S Hayes wrote:
Is there a way to hide a filedialog before the
on_filedialog_ok_button_clicked handler completes?

I don't undesrtand: can't you hide it in the handler?

I do call my gtk_widget_hide() routine, but it seems the dialog does not
want to go away until it completes the on_filedialog_ok_button_clicked()
routine. I even tried to place a gtk_widget_hide($filedialog) at the
beginning of that routine, as well as change the order in which I bind
the signals... but no luck :(

You may try to Gtk::Gdk->flush() after $dialog->hide(), the request
may be delayed by the library/server...

Thank you very much for all your help! Gtk Perl is perhaps the quickest
way to develop rich full blown applications. I look forward to working
more with it in the future. (Esp. with bonobo componets, has anyone
played around with writing componets for Nautilus in Gtk Perl?)

Not that I know, but that is going to be a hot topic in a couple
of weeks:-)


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