Re: Bug in frame->set_shadow_type?

Paolo Molaro writes:
On 04/11/01 Stefan Kamphausen wrote:
Let me bring an example programm I just created:
Here it won't work...

Your program works for me. I'm going tu assume it's a Gtk+ bug of
some sort until you tell me what version of Gtk+ is on your system.

$ gtk-config --version

Just to try something different: does it work for some other shadow
type (in, out, none, etched-in)?


BUT it works for a colleague of mine ....
AND it has something to do with the theme involved. When I'm using the
4Missy theme it does not work, but with GTK-default everything is

weird stuff that GUI things....

stefan (off from work just in a minute...)

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Novel Science International GmbH

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