Re: Bug in frame->set_shadow_type?

On 04/11/01 Stefan Kamphausen wrote:
I have just noticed that I can't set the shadow_style of a frame to 
anything but the default if I don't use a style for that frame
Whereas this doesn't change the frame-shadow:
my $fr = new Gtk::Frame($msg_titles[0]);
$fr->set_shadow_type( 'etched_out' );

The following program works for me. Gtk-Perl version 0.7006, Gtk+
version 1.2.9, 1.2.10.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use Gtk -init;

my @types = qw(etched-out etched-in in out none);
my $w = new Gtk::Window;
my $f = new Gtk::Frame;
my $b = new Gtk::Button('Quit');

$b->signal_connect('clicked', sub {$w->destroy});
$w->signal_connect('destroy', sub {exit});
Gtk->timeout_add(800, sub {
        my $type = shift @types;
        push @types, $type;

I found a similar question in the archives:
but that thread seems to be D.B.S (dead before solution ;-)

Yep, at the time I tested it and it actually worked. The poster
didn't bother to supply the Gtk-Perl or Gtk+ version number, so it
actually had a solution: upgrade. I still don't know if it was a
Gtk-Perl or Gtk+ bug: it would be interesting if you find it out.

3. in
$VERSION = '0.7000';

This is very old, please use 0.7006 instead.


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