Re: The Main Loop and My Own Actions

On 04/10/01 Bogdan M.Maryniuck wrote:
To all about [ Re: The Main Loop and My Own Actions ]:
|   $id=Gtk->timeout_add(1000, sub { $time_label->set .... });
|   return 0;
| &$timesub;
| Gtk->timeout_remove ( $id );

So, I answer on it:

   Hello, DLux! :o)
Hmm... "timeout_add" does not stop the process?
I mean sub-process... ;o)

Just to clarify: the subroutine installed with
Gtk->timeout_add() will be called again at the specified
interval if it returns a TRUE value.

It will not be called if it returns a FALSE value or if
Gtk->timeout_remove($id) is called where $id it the value
returned by Gtk->timeout_add().


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