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On Sat, 18 Nov 2000, Gavin Brown wrote:

Hi, I've been lurking for a while hoping my question might come up in the
course of discussion, and I haven't found anything useful on Usenet or the web.
I hope someone can help me.

I've been trying to install the Gtk-perl 0.7004 distribution onto a Red Hat 7.0
system (i686, kernel 2.2.16, perl 5.6.0, Gnome version <whatever>) and although
the installation appears to work OK, perl can't access the Gnome module - which
as far as I can tell is part of the Gtk-perl distribution.

What do I need to do to get this module to work? Any thoughts about this problem
would be appreciated.

I think you need to cd into the Gnome sub-directory of the Gtk-Perl
distribution and build and install everything there. It isn't built by


        Shlomi Fish


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