Re: Gnome pixbuf canvas item

Remco Wouts wrote:

The GdkPixbuf code in Gtk-0.7004 provides only the first part, not the
gnome canvas item. Due to the fact that imlib sucks (yes it does have,
look at the code), I really would like to use GdkPixbuf.
Sorry, I speak out of ignorance :)
Documentation for the pixbuf canvas item is here (eg.):

As said earlier I don't mind fixing it myself but I would like some
pointers about how the Gnome bindings are generated. More explicitly
the question is: if I have a gnome widget how do I bind it to perl,
using the tools in Gtk-perl? Or what exactly does do?
Perhaps Lupus (Paolo Molaro - the Gtk-Perl maintainer) will see your 
message and have some ideas.

Regards, Dermot

PS. please could the list maintainer please arrange the headers so that
my (Netscape 4.7) 'reply to' button replies to the list and not the
original author - I guess that the list would see more replies.

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