Re: Gnome pixbuf canvas item

Dermot Musgrove <dermot glade perl connectfree co uk> writes:
Remco Wouts wrote:
Does anybody know how to add support for the gnome pixbuf canvas item
There is already (Gtk-Perl-0.7004) a set of bindings in module GdkPixbuf.
The gdk-pixbuf lib consists of two parts:
1) The gdk stuff needed to replace imlib
2) A gnome-canvas item that allows you to display a pixbuf on a gnome
   canvas, like the gnome-canvas image item that allows you to show 
   imlib images on the canvas.
The GdkPixbuf code in Gtk-0.7004 provides only the first part, not the
gnome canvas item. Due to the fact that imlib sucks (yes it does have,
look at the code), I really would like to use GdkPixbuf.

Documentation for the pixbuf canvas item is here (eg.):

As said earlier I don't mind fixing it myself but I would like some
pointers about how the Gnome bindings are generated. More explicitly
the question is: if I have a gnome widget how do I bind it to perl,
using the tools in Gtk-perl? Or what exactly does do?

Remco Wouts

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