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Hi again,

Sorry, but I don't know what is causing that error. But I have searched the
web a bit looking for a solution and most of what I have found indicates
that it is a warning message that can be ignored and not a fatal error.
Although not directly related to the situation, here are some of the pages I
found with references to similar error messges:

Like I said, these arent exactly the same, as the individuals had problems
with other aspects of their program / system. But it seems that in every
case I have been able to find, the error was ignored, and fatal errors were
caused by other problems.

I hope this helps some, I wasn't able to find anything identical to your

I agree , I wish the toplevel Makefile would include Gnome and the rest. If
you install through cpan it is nearly impossible to figure out what the
problem is , or then how to solve it. Unfortunently, I still forget, and it
often takes me a day or so of trying through CPAN before I give up, download
the tar, and remember "Doh! I forgot about it Again!".

Dave McLaughlin
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Ah! I see it. Thank you Dave. I got it to work. It may be nice to have
the top level make file ask some questions and optionally make these
modules as well.

In making Gnome I get a lot of the following..

Please specify prototyping behavior for GnomeLamp.xs (see perlxs manual) for every .c file. Any ideas what this is?


Dave McLaughlin wrote:

I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure that when you actually download
tar file for Gtk and extract it, inside there are subdirectories for
and a few other modules that have to be compiled and installed
after the initial Gtk install.

I always forget about this, and it takes me a couple of days to get my
apps working properly after a fresh install.

Hope that helps :)
Dave McLaughlin
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