Re: Dynamic Dialog generation


I've been trying to emulate the functionality of a 
CGI program through the Perl interface to Glade. 
I think, however, I'm approaching this wrongly...

I want an application to have the ability to display 
a dialog box, with, for example, one input box and 
two checkboxes. If the user entered 7 into the
input box and checked both of the boxes, I would 
like then to be able to display a subsequent dialog 
box which contained seven pairs of input boxes.
i.e. the contents of the second dialog box is 
dependent on the values entered to the first. Of 
course, I'd then like to tie the values entered to 
the second dialog box via callbacks to the original 

I started by designing an application in Glade, and then 
(I'm ashamed to admit) I took a sample Glade XML file and 
then hacked it into pieces with a text editor, then 
re-constructed an XML file whose content was governed 
by the values entered in the first dialog. Then I used
Glade::PerlGenerate->Form_from_Glade_File which actually 
created me the dialog box I sought. However, all my 
attempts to connect any signals associated with
this dialog box to my application came to nought.

Realising that my inelegant hack was perhaps best 
left alone, I have decided to solicit any suggestion from 
this list.

This is really a strange hack :)

Remember that GTK+ is a widget library. You can allways
create an empty dialog, a container and then add the
needed widgets to this container. **pseudo** code should
look like that (sorry, I'm not a Perl guru :)

dial = dialog_new
c = container_new
do n times
  w = widget_new
end do

You may have a look to any existing perl-gtk+ program
to get the right syntax.


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Not every time :)

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