Re: [gtk-osx-users] Support for ancient MacOS versions?

I cannot recall what version of OS X I was using at the time I attempted the build. I ended up installing a package manager to install GTK+ and them modifying the build scripts for my application to add Macintosh OS X specific locations for the needed files. It was clunky but I obtained a successful build. The problem with this approach is that different package managers place the files they manipulate into different locations, causing the application to require the package manager also. Another challenge is all of the dependencies. My situation is made more difficult when additional items must be imported, because of potential licensing and security issues.

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Good Afternoon John,

As I stated in the prior message, the application I am supporting is migrating from X/Motif to other more modern windowing systems and widget kits.

It has been and continues to be built for several versions of unix, linux, and Mac OS X. There is also a version that runs under Windows.  It uses GTK+ but it does not currently use this project (I could not get the GTK-OSX build process to work at the time I attempted it)

So you also had problems with building GTK on Mac OS X. Would you remember what version of Mac OS X had the problem? I'm thinking we don't have a good enough maintainer of the Mac side of GTK for it to build successfully. We need a maintainer who can actually test and update GTK on all the supported versions of Mac OS X like a good maintainer should do.

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