Re: [gtk-osx-users] Support for ancient MacOS versions?

A post yesterday from someone actually trying to build Gtk on a Tiger system raises a question I've been mulling for some time:

Is it time to pull the plug on the older versions of MacOS?

Tiger is ancient, at least in OSX relase pace, recently chrome dropped also 10.8... 

Build for ancient OSX is really hard on recent machines, if you use XCode 8 you can build ONLY for 10.9+, and that's the target I use for the app I'm currently developing (a video converter), and for the opensource mud client that I wrote in the past that many OSX users like and use (

Obviously building for 10.9+ I can also target only x86_64, and that is a further semplification of the development process.

In fact given today's security environment I think that supporting ancient and no-longer updated MacOS versions is a disservice to users, who might get the message that it's OK to expose their insecure systems to the internet because someone out there still supports their system.

Yeah, I agree with this too.

I think that your proposed 5 years support is more than enough.


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