Re: [gtk-osx-users] Dynamically loading GTK-OSX?

Xamarin Studio uses GTK and mixes in native Cocoa controls and things
like Cocoa right-click context menus (because there's a bug in menus on
Mac that we can't figure out).  I wouldn't recommend doing this. 
Xamarin Studio was already a (large) GTK application and it made sense
to migrate pieces of it to Cocoa rather than try to rewrite all the UI
in Cocoa and WPF.

It's hard to tell what you mean about dynamically opening GTK.  Xamarin
Studio is still basically a GTK app that we mix native Cocoa into, not a
Cocoa app that we dynamically open GTK and mix GTK stuff into.

On Thu, Dec 24, 2015, at 09:34 AM, Kevin Layer wrote:
John Ralls wrote:

On the other hand, if you can do that you can also create a Cocoa
GUI that will work better and be much more pleasing to your Mac

My understanding is that Xamarin did this while using GTK and that the
Cocoa layer is already in GTK.  Are there instructions for building

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