Re: [gtk-osx-users] Dynamically loading GTK-OSX?

On Dec 24, 2015, at 9:34 AM, Kevin Layer <layer franz com> wrote:

John Ralls wrote:

On the other hand, if you can do that you can also create a Cocoa
GUI that will work better and be much more pleasing to your Mac

My understanding is that Xamarin did this while using GTK and that the
Cocoa layer is already in GTK.  Are there instructions for building

I don't know anything about Xamarin except that it's a company which commercializes Mono. Mono is an 
open-source version of Microsoft's .NET framework. 

Gtk has a quartz layer which uses a few Cocoa calls to implement features where it's absolutely necessary. 
It's very much not a "Cocoa Layer" and doesn't provide the same appearance or user experience that a native 
implementation using Cocoa would. Mono has a MonoMac add-on that I think replaces Gtk+ with Cocoa for Mono 
development. Perhaps that's what you're thinking of.

Instructions for what? Writing your application's GUI in Cocoa?

John Ralls

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