Re: [gtk-osx-users] Switching keyboard layouts with Alt+Cmd+Space

>I agree that we don’t want to load up gdkkeys-quartz with a bunch of special cases, but it seems like a lot of work for something you don’t expect to get pushed. In any case, sharing it on the bug is more effective because Kris and Mitch don’t AFAIK read this list, but they do carry a lot of weight in deciding what gets done about gtk-quartz issues. BTW, you should be doing work like that in a private git branch and using git format patch to make the patch, both to be acceptable to Gnome and to protect your sanity while developing it.

OK, I will add my patch and other suggestions to 711019. 

With set_use_quartz_accelerators enabled, you should also see all of the other Apple-defined accelerators working properly as well: It grabs the accelerator and passes it to the Quartz responder chain. If Quartz doesn’t eat it, it passes it on to Gtk. The problem with it is that if there’s a binding overloading an accelerator, as is common with Cmd-(X|C|V), the accelerator is fired instead of the binding. This causes the owner of the menu to respond to the event rather than the widget with current keyboard focus, preventing you from e.g. cutting or pasting into dialog boxes.

Indeed, now I noticed the problem with set_use_quartz_accelerators(). When I enable it, all widget bindings stops working (with Cmd-X|C|V in dialog boxes being most painful loss). But I am nor seeing *ALL* Apple-defined accelarators working properly. As I already mentioned, Alt+Cmd+Space does not work (probably I did not understand properly what "Apple-defined" accelerator means, sorry).
In any case loss of widget bindings is a too big loss, and probably we have to look for some other solution. Right now I think that modifying gdkkeys-quartz is simplest one, but I agree that it is not universal, and not for everyone. It is as You pointed, a special case.

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