Re: [gtk-osx-users] Switching keyboard layouts with Alt+Cmd+Space

I do not expect that my patch will be accepted, like other patches for 711019, so I did not submit it there.
I just wanted to show, how this particular problem of Alt+Cmd+Space not working on gtk-osx applications can be solved. It shows how to switch keyboard layouts manually, using Carbon framework.
If You, as maintainer of gtk-osx, will find this useful, feel free to incorporate it in some place.
Cmd+M minimizes window, while Cmd+H hides application. As far as I know there is special function to enable them in gtk-mac-integration, gtkosx_application_set_use_quartz_accelerators (). There should be some code handling them, since without executing gtkosx_application_set_use_quartz_accelerators () they do not work on my system.

The patch and most of the commentary belong on the bug, not here. Patches in particular shouldn't be sent to mailing lists, they just get lost.

Note, however, that the patch in 711019 was withdrawn once the author understood how Gdk event handling interacts with the CFRunLoop. 

What specifically are you talking about for CMD-M and CMD-H? I don't recall any special code in gtk-mac-integration for either.

John Ralls

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