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On Aug 1, 2014, at 6:01 AM, Chris Share <cpsmusic yahoo com> wrote:


I'm currently developing an application that generates output best suited to web display. I'd like to use WebKitGTK+ to display the output to the user however I'm a bit unclear as to how to start.

I've got GTK-OSX built and installed (although it hasn't been updated for a while).

Do I need to build or install anything in addition to the standard GTK_OSX installation to use WebKitGTK+?

We've done something like that to generate reports in GnuCash for years, and the WebKit module (in gtk-osx-unsupported-modules) is tailored for just that purpose. If your app builds and runs correctly in Linux it should do in Gtk-OSX as well once you add WebKit as a dependency to your application's module.

John Ralls

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