Re: [gtk-osx-users] Building on PPC fails - what is the current status?

Dear all, dear John,

first of all thanks for all the informative answers!

John wrote:
> > [is there some decisive change in the GTK libraries
> >  that makes them break on Tiger?]
> I believe that's the case.

Okay, that was my interpretation because the build went okay
in principle.

> > [do pango/cairo put a log somewhere or is debugging
> >  required?]
> No, you'll need to debug.

That sounds tedious, especially because of the event-oriented
nature of GTK applications.

> > [does a Leopard build even as an app bundle run on
> >  Tiger?]
> No, building to an particular SDK effectively makes the
> corresponding MacOSX version the minimum because we have
> many dependencies into libraries in /usr/lib; linking
> against the stubs in the SDK (or the real library in
> /usr/lib) sets the minimum version for each.
> The easiest way for you to proceed would be to clone
> gtk-osx and checkout a revision from before last November
> and build against those modulesets.

Okay, I shall use an old gtk-version with dependencies to
old libraries and rebuild everything.

I'll keep you posted when I succeed.

        Best regards,


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