Re: [gtk-osx-users] Building on PPC fails - what is the current status?

Dear all,

Steffen wrote:
> > Steffen, did you succeed in getting GTK2 to work on 10.4
> > or did you finally switch to Leopard?

> I gave up on Tiger and my app requires at least Leopard now.

Unfortunately I have to support Tiger, but I am willing to go back to
some old versions of pango, harfbuzz, ... and recompile the complete
GTK stack.

So many questions to the GTK-OSX-experts on how to proceed ;-)

  - Is there some decisive change (maybe the move from ATSUI to
    CoreText) in the GTK libraries that makes them break on Tiger?  I
    assume that at some time the Quartz build has worked on Tiger.

  - Where can I look to check what goes wrong? Do pango, cairo log
    their problems somewhere or do I have to make a debug build and
    step through?

  - Assuming that I decide to move over to Leopard and finally
    generate an app bundle for the complete application with the
    necessary libraries will this bundle run on Tiger PPC?  Or are
    there some caveats here?

Thanks for your time, but I am a bit desperate, because all attempts
so far have failed ...

        Best regards,


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