Re: [gtk-osx-users] Universal ppc/i386 build

On Jan 22, 2013, at 11:40 PM, Steffen Gutmann <muibase yahoo com> wrote:

>> For glib, write a bug in and attach your patch, after fixing 
>> it up to conform to Gnome's patch standard [1]. For libffi, the author uses 
>> Github [2], so he probably wants you to fork and make a pull request.
> Ok, I will try that after resolving the issue below.
>> However, what bothers me about this is that both packages compile just fine when 
>> building a one-off on the processor in question, so the issue should be 
>> cross-compilation (usually done by querying the "build" configure 
>> parameter). I don't see that in your changes, so what am I missing?
> Well, probably I am not doing the right thing as I don't know, really, how to use the "build" parameter.  Any pointers I could look into?  And would that mean that a module is build twice (once for each architecture) and the sort of merged into one universal binary?  I kinda like the way it works now with the -arch keyword twice on the command line and the compiler going over the source files twice, and the result automatically being assembled in a single binary,

Sorry, I don't have time today for a proper answer, but

will get you started.

The universal module runs those packages which need it twice and lipos them together. I think
talks about the process, but you can also look at setup_universal() in .jhbuild and read the man page for lipo.

John Ralls

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