Re: [gtk-osx-users] Building on PPC fails

Hi John!

> This section of jhbuildrc-gtk-osx (which gets installed as .jhbuildrc) applies:
>     #Defining ARCHFLAGS globally messes up waf, so we need to define
>     #it here for our two perl modules:
>     if architectures != ['ppc']:
>         module_extra_env.update(
>             {"perl-xml-simple":{"ARCHFLAGS":"-arch i386 
> -arch x86_64"},
>              "perl-xml-parser":{"ARCHFLAGS":"-arch i386 
> -arch x86_64"}})
> I wrote that not thinking about universal builds. Try changing the condition to 
>     if not "ppc" in architectures:

Yes, that change made this part (building for ppc/i386 on a ppc) work!

> But even better would be to construct ARCHFLAGS with something like "-arch 
> " + "-arch ".join(architectures).
> That said, universal builds aren't really supported. You'll likely have 
> to patch the universal modulesets and setup_universal() in jhbuildrc-gtk-osx to 
> get everything working. If you succeed, please do provide your patches.

I can report back the changes once I have it building and running.

Best regards,


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