[gtk-osx-users] gtk-mac-bundler 0.7.3

This should be good. Note that it's necessary to update to this version in order to bundle applications built with the newly-released stable moduleset because of changes in Pango.

About gtk-mac-bundler

Gtk-mac-bundler creates an OS X Application Bundle from a Gtk+ Quartz
application, automatically retrieving all shared library dependencies
of the application and any designated executables or loadable modules,
converting the rpaths to the bundle locations for all binaries. Data
files, translations, and themes are also installed.

Gtk-mac-bundler is licensed under the Gnu General Public License
Version 2. Resulting bundles carry whatever licenses govern their


- Another minor bugfix, in this case causing some binary dependencies to not be found.

NEW IN 0.7.2
- Mnor bugfix fixed crash during pango module processing.

http://download.gnome.org/sources/gtk-mac-bundler/0.7/gtk-mac-bundler-0.7.3.tar.xz (27.8K)
 sha256sum: 799d8d2bbd747ddddba55d32b7c9f08116e5f2b349358175b05544a4baa91365

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