Re: [Gtk-osx-users] Glade 32 bit has no widgets

On May 18, 2011, at 1:52 AM, Stephen Pelc wrote:

> Stephen said: 
>>> As part of the build, we also made a 32 bit build of Glade to 
>>> make life easier for our developers. This runs, but gives a vast 
>>> number of "widget-xxx not found" messages, and no icons appear 
>>> in the left hand panes of Glade.
>>> This makes me think that some path or environment variable is 
>>> not set. Can anyone give us a clue?
> John replied:
>> Is this in a bundle or still running from the command
>> line? If a command line, did you remember to start a
>> jhbuild shell to run glade in so that it can find all of
>> its pieces? 
> This was the from the standard OSX command line.
> The problem seems to be that gtk-osx has to be built by a 
> special user because MacPorts are installed. Switching to the 
> user that built gtk-osx and running from a jhbuild shell works 
> fine.
> Now what should we do after switching users back in order to run 
> Glade?
> Being an under-caffeinated idiot before coffee this morning I 
> was back as the gtk-osx builder and just typed
>  gtkosx$ jhbuild
> which appeared to perform an update.
> Even after a rebuild of glade3
>  gtkosx$ jhbuild build glade3
> Glade-3 now fails to run, complaining that it needs
> libpixman-1.0dylib v22
> and has v21.
> So now I only have two problems
> 1) How to rebuild gtk-osx and or glade3
> 2) How to run glade-3 for other users
> Life would be so much easier without users!

Jhbuild sets up an environment pointing into its installation directory. It's polite about it and does so only when you tell it to, either with a build command or by starting a jhbuild shell. MacPorts (and Fink) also set up an environment pointing into their installation directories, but is rude and installs that environment in the user's .profile. That rudeness is what breaks jhbuild, and therefore anything build with gtk-osx.

If you create an app bundle for glade using ige-mac-bundler it will work for a user whose environment is set up for MacPorts because Finder launches applications from an empty environment (there's a way to make it non-empty, but I'll let you learn about that on your own).

But if your devs are working in a MacPorts environment, why not use a MacPorts Glade?

John Ralls

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