[Gtk-osx-users] Glade 32 bit has no widgets

Stephen said: 

> > As part of the build, we also made a 32 bit build of Glade to 
> > make life easier for our developers. This runs, but gives a vast 
> > number of "widget-xxx not found" messages, and no icons appear 
> > in the left hand panes of Glade.
> > 
> > This makes me think that some path or environment variable is 
> > not set. Can anyone give us a clue?

John replied:
> Is this in a bundle or still running from the command
> line? If a command line, did you remember to start a
> jhbuild shell to run glade in so that it can find all of
> its pieces? 

This was the from the standard OSX command line.

The problem seems to be that gtk-osx has to be built by a 
special user because MacPorts are installed. Switching to the 
user that built gtk-osx and running from a jhbuild shell works 

Now what should we do after switching users back in order to run 

Being an under-caffeinated idiot before coffee this morning I 
was back as the gtk-osx builder and just typed
  gtkosx$ jhbuild
which appeared to perform an update.

Even after a rebuild of glade3
  gtkosx$ jhbuild build glade3
Glade-3 now fails to run, complaining that it needs
 libpixman-1.0dylib v22
and has v21.

So now I only have two problems
1) How to rebuild gtk-osx and or glade3
2) How to run glade-3 for other users

Life would be so much easier without users!

Regards, Stephen
P.S. Sorry for the response delay - I was waiting for the digest 
and assumed it was daily.
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