[Gtk-osx-users] ANN: Notifications2Growl

This may be of some interest to application porters...

I've hacked over the week a bridge from libnotify (and dbus) based notifications to Growl notifications.
    - Notifications2Growl should be launched at session startup, registers in dbus as a freedesktop notification server;
    - from the application stand point, nothing change : use libnotify to send notifications;
    - notifications show up in Growl bubbles.

It's available here : http://github.com/elelay/Notifications2Growl

gPodder notification showing up in Growl
It's fairly complete (icons, click callback), lacking only what's not available in Growl :
- multiple choices in notification
- distinguish between the user dismissing the notification and timeout

The code is based upon notification-daemon 0.4.0, available from http://galago-project.org

Here is a screenshot taken from gPodder (pygtk quartz) on Tiger.

I hope you'll enjoy it !

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