Re: [Gtk-osx-users] jhbuild bootstrap: guile linking error

Am 05.11.2010 14:54, schrieb John Ralls:

> /opt? Do you have MacPorts installed?

No. Only a well working version of Gtk+2.18.2 was installed according to the wiki.

At my home level I have a ~/.jhbuildrc which was originally filled with some html-code which caused Python errors so I made it a copy of the file ~/.jhbuildrc-custom. But there is no path configuration in it.

Whereas I have a file "~/Source/jhbuild/sample.jhbuildrc" where the path
is set to /opt

--------- listing -----------
# -*- mode: python -*-

# what directory should the source be checked out to?
checkoutroot = os.path.expanduser('~/checkout/gnome2')

# the prefix to configure/install modules to (must have write access)
prefix = '/opt/gnome2'
# ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 
---------- end listing -----------

Then there is a file "~/Source/jhbuild/jhbuild/defaults.jhbuildrc 
which points as default to /opt/gnome2

---------- begin listing -------
# -*- mode: python -*-
# This file holds the default values for the ~/.jhbuildrc file.
# Do not copy this to ~/.jhbuildrc

import os, sys

if 'GTK_PATH' in os.environ.keys():
    del os.environ['GTK_PATH']

# module directory
modulesets_dir = os.path.join(SRCDIR, 'modulesets')

# what modules to build?
moduleset = 'gnome-2.28'
modules = [ 'meta-gnome-desktop' ]

# policy for modules to build, options are:
#  - all: build everything requested (default behaviour)
#  - updated: build only modules that have changed
#  - updated-deps: build modules that have changed, or their dependencies
#    have changed.
build_policy = 'all'

# skip modules installed before $min_time (in seconds since epoch)
# for example: min_time = time.time() - 3600 will skip modules that
# have been installed less than one hour ago.
min_time = None

# modules to skip during dependency expansion
skip = []
# tags used as module filters
tags = []

# directories
prefix = '/opt/gnome2'
# ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 
checkoutroot = os.path.join(os.environ['HOME'], 'cvs', 'gnome2')
tarballdir = None    # will default to checkoutroot
buildroot = None     # if set, packages will be build with srcdir!=builddir
------------ end listing --------------

So I should change the default value to '~/cvs/gnome2' and delete all the /opt stuff?


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