Re: [Gtk-osx-users] Build issues: codegen for igemacintegration

On May 5, 2010, at 11:47 PM, F Wolff wrote:

> Op Wo, 2010-05-05 om 17:24 -0700 skryf John Ralls:
>> Yes, it sounds like something isn't right. The defs file should be 248
>> lines, not empty. How did you tell it to rebuild?
>> (Try jhbuild buildone --force ige-mac-integration-python). You are
>> using the stable moduleset, right?
> I actually did
> 	jhbuild clean ige-mac-integration-python
> and confirmed that the (empty) file was gone. Then I did 
> 	jhbuild buildone --force ige-mac-integration-python
> as you suggest. (I commented out  build_policy = "updated-deps"  in my
> configuration during the clean call to ensure that it actually cleans
> it.)
> Which part of the build is supposed to overwrite the Makefile? I seem to
> have to redo the change every now and then. 

Makefile will be overwritten by running configure. In theory, configure is only run if the top-level Makefile isn't present, but my experience suggests that that test isn't reliable. I should have told you to edit, which is the input file which configure uses to create Makefile. Sorry 'bout that.

Perhaps there's something wrong with your pygobject installation that's causing to not work right. Have you tried running it manually from a jhbuild shell?

John Ralls

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