Re: [Gtk-osx-users] ige-mac-integration for inkscape aqua

> Sorry, ige-mac-integration isn't supported in the MacPorts  
> environment, only in the Gtk-OSX native environment. Also, ige-mac- 
> integration is a library, not a plug in. You must be able to  
> understand the workings of the target program well enough to modify  
> it to use ige-mac-integration. Since you know "extremely little  
> about programming", your chances of succeeding are only slightly  
> better than nil.


thanks for your reply.

Hm. What I'm curious about is: What's the clou of the ige-mac- 
integration portfile within macports: 

I can carry out an ige-mac-integration within my macports environment  
- already done.

Is that portfile completely useless? - Or do I need major adjustments  
to make use of it?

Thanks for your hints,


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