Re: [Gtk-osx-users] for noobs

On 5/12/2010, at 8:00 PM, Lee G wrote:

> I am wondering is there an application in the works to help us do all of this.I am pretty new to command line, I have successfully hacked my apple tv, via ssh and can do simple things like empty trash, software update and clear my print queue in terminal. But this project seems pretty involved to get, lets say, inkscape to run with quartz rather than x11. I really want to do this but my head starts to spin when I see all the steps I have to go through to do it. I meet the system requirements and have the developer kit. I am hoping any helpful hints or direction to cut out steps in this task.  am hoping for a drag and drop app that allows you to drop inkscape or gimp into it and it magically creates this re-compiled quartz version. I am probably grabbing for straws here :)

Hi Lee, 

As far as I know no such setup currently exists. Yours is basically a good idea, though. Ultimately, it would be very nice to have an installable GTK-OSX framework, say, which other applications could be built against and then distributed as an end-user package. 

As a resut, gtk-osx is somewhat like a kitset car at present which you need to know enough to be able to assemble yourself. That, of course, is not to make your life difficult but just a reflection of the fact that although technology may sometimes appear to be magical that does not in fact mean that it was created my magical means. Making it work effortlessly always requires large amounts of hard and dedicated effort by someone, which in this case is a small bunch of volunteers, and every project must walk before it can run. 


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