Re: [Gtk-osx-users] menu synchronisation

2010/4/4 John Ralls <jralls ceridwen fremont ca us>:
> Debug a bit deeper into get_menu_label_text and find_menu_label and make sure that the widget that's getting passed to them does in fact have a label attached to it.

I changed get_menu_label_text to:

static const gchar *
get_menu_label_text (GtkWidget  *menu_item, GtkWidget **label) {
    GtkWidget *my_label;
    const gchar *text=NULL;
    my_label = find_menu_label (menu_item);
    if (label)
	*label = my_label;
    if (my_label)
	text = gtk_label_get_text (GTK_LABEL (my_label));
    g_print("found label %p for '%s'
    return text;

it seems that most of the missing labels are correctly found, but not
all. Especially the labels with multibyte characters seem to be empty:

found label 0x18bba00 for '' ('')
found label 0x18bbaa0 for '' ('')
found label 0x18bbbe0 for '' ('')
found label 0x18bbd20 for '' ('')
found label 0x18bbdc0 for '' ('')
found label 0x18bbf00 for '' ('')

so I'm a bit puzzled..

> For multiple windows, you need to call ige_mac_menu_set_menu_bar on each window's GtkMenuBar after you create it.

I do that, but that is where I see issues right now.

> Ige_mac_menu will set up the signal handler so that the menu follows the focus.

> See my second message on April 2 for details about the bug with ige_mac_menu_set_app_menu_item, which will cause the app_menu "quit" item to stop working. Also, if you use the stock menu items (or actions, if you're using GtkUIBuilder), they'll magically change from (e.g.) ctrl-F to cmd-F, which is what Mac users expect.

I typed <ctrl><f>, but that was my fault, I meant <cmd><f>, I already
use that and it works like a charm :)


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