Re: [Gtk-osx-users] PyGTK on top of native GTK+?

Hi John

John Ralls wrote:
> The wiki is at You'll 
> need a sourceforge id to write to it.

I got PyGTK to build now, just using jhbuild. There was some playing 
around to make my SCons build use the correct version of Python such 
that PyGTK worked correctly, but that's resolved now.

The steps for my particular approach are here:

I'll get one of our other developers to cross-check and then fill it out 
a little more. If it looks complete and general, I can copy it over to 
your wiki.

My next challenge is native Quartz theme. Is there a way to build 
'gtk-theme-switch' using jhbuild, by any chance?

> Gtk-OSX encourages a source build of the minimum installation for a 
> single app and bundling it for the exclusive use of that one app. Each 
> app contains its own dependencies, so there aren't any conflicts.

So I'll work on learning about 'bundles' and 'packages' for Mac OS X and 
see if I can manage to create an installer for my package.

Our app a lot of non-GTK code for a calculation engine, together with a 
PyGTK as well as older Tcl/Tk GUI. Packaging for Mac could be difficult, 
because both GUIs use a shared 'model library' which should be 
accessible as files, somewhere, somehow.

> It might be worthwhile for PyGtk to have a binary tarball. It wouldn't 
> be for non-trivial C apps, because there isn't any way for a single 
> package like that to satisfy all of the various other dependencies, so 
> it makes more sense to just build everything at once.

That would certainly be nice. Better still some kind of framework or 
whatever you call it on Mac.


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