Re: [Gtk-osx-users] Creating a gtk+osx gtkglext framework for use with OpenGL?

Hello Jack,
   I have some info for you about gtkglext concerning the thread you started back in June on the GTK-OSX mailing list. Apparently Andrey Gruzdev has been working on a Quartz port of gtkglext for at least the last five or six months. He has been doing this so that the Gwyddion project can be built with the Quartz port of GTK+2 and get the 3D benefits of gtkglext.
   A little over a week ago on August 25th, Andrey made his second update to the patch that he first submitted to the project last April 10th. I have just downloaded the patch files today so I can't give a review yet. I also have a favorite project which I recompile regularly and like your Linux project you described, it depends on gtkglext for the 3D graphics.
   I have two URLs for you. The first is for the page where the updated quartz patch is at the gtkglext sourceforge project site:  
   The second is to the page of a Macports Trac service ticket which has an attached quartz patch for the portfile and patch files directory of the Macports port of gtkglext-1.2.0. This was submitted just three days ago and it states in the comments that "...most of this work is done by Andrey Gruzdev from the gwyddion team." 

   I am guessing that it would give almost identical results as the work submitted by Andrey Gruzdev at the first link. However it would allow the use of Macports. Again, I have not yet been able try all this myself but I am very hopeful that it may be just what I need or at least a big step in the right direction. Hopefully it may be just the thing you need for your project and possibly for others out there too. I am hoping that I will be able to build a gtkglext quartz framework that can be embedded in application bundles.
   Good luck with these patches and Take Care,
      Myshkin LeVine


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