Minor fix for gtk-osx-gstreamer.modules

Hi John,
When I was planning to install gstreamer and gst-plugins-base I came upon this comment in gtk-osx-gstreamer.modules: "<!-- Note: liboil/ motovec/motovec.c on PPC: comment out the defines in lines 43 & 44, they cause linkage failures -->". I decided to investigate this and my friend Google led me to a fix for those linkage failures. See the comment starting at line #83 here:

http://bitbucket.org/adium/adium/src/e9a00c46cd32/Utilities/dep-build- scripts/vv_dependencies_make.sh

I added "-DHAVE_SYMBOL_UNDERSCORE" to my CFLAGS in module_makeargs for liboil and those linkage failures went away. I thought you would like to know so that you can update gtk-osx-gstreamer.modules.
			Take care,
				  Myshkin LeVine

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