Re: [Gtk-osx-users] Some Help to have zenity running (newbie)

On Aug 5, 2009, at 6:05 PM, Olivier Chararas wrote:

> Hello
> I'm new to GTK-OSX and I just got the package built.
> /Users/oliv/gtk/inst/bin/gtk-demo is running OK.
> I'd like to use gtk's *zenity* functionnality but I can't figure how  
> to
> find the pertaining module to build or the (already compiled?) binary
> (if yet).
> % jhbuild build zenity
> jhbuild build: module "'zenity'" not found
> % grep -H zenity /Users/oliv/Source/jhbuild/modulesets/*
> returns gnome-2.10.modules, 2.12 and others
> but
> % jhbuild build gnome-2.10
> jhbuild build: module "'gnome-2.10'" not found
> So my questions :
>  - How to find if a function is included in the predef modules ?
>  - How to find the name of the module ?
>  - Where to find longer explanations than in
> about (for  
> instance)
> available modules ?
> Thanks in advance and sorry if my question seems terribly newbie.

Here's what's going on:
There are two modulesets, the jhbuild modulesets and the gtk-osx  
modulesets. They're different because different configure arguments  
need to be passed for gtk-osx than for gtk on Linux. There are a lot  
more modules in the jhbuild modulesets because they're getting written  
and tested by the Gnome build team and gtk-osx modules are written and  
tested only by me.

So here's what to do:
jhbuild --moduleset=~/Source/jhbuild/modulesets/gnome-2.18.modules  
list zenity

That will give you a list of modules that you'll need. Grep for each  
one of them in ~/Source/jhbuild/modulesets/gtk-osx*. The ones that  
show up you can cross off your list.

Create a new moduleset, zenity.modules. Include gtk-osx.modules (which  
will include the others). Copy the modules and their repositories  
still on your list from the gnome modules to zentiy.modules. Try  
jhbuild --moduleset=zenity.modules build zenity and see what happens.  
Fix the errors, try again, iterate until it builds. Then post your new  
moduleset to 

Good luck.

John Ralls

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