Re: [Gtk-osx-devs] pkg-config and _exec_prefix

John Ralls wrote:

>> Hi, seems like pkg-config didn't want to be found
>> when not installed in the prefix but _exec_prefix:
>> os.environ["PKG_CONFIG"] = _exec_prefix + "/bin/pkg-config"
>> os.environ["PKG_CONFIG_PATH"] = prefix + "/lib/pkgconfig" + ":" + prefix + "/share/pkgconfig"
>> There's also a related GTK+ bug that fails to use
>> $PKG_CONFIG when pkg-config is not in the $PATH...
>> gtk+-2.20.1-m4macros-pkgconfig.patch (root cause)
>> libglade-2.6.4-pkgconfig.patch (resulting effect)
> But why would pkg-config not be on the path? If you're not building it as part of gtk-osx, then adjust the path in .jhbuildrc-custom.

I *am* building pkg-config as part of gtk-osx, but it is in
_exec_prefix (~/Source/bootstrap) and not prefix (/opt/gtk)

This seemed to cause a problem with libglade not finding it ?

checking for pkg-config... /Users/afb/Source/bootstrap/bin/pkg-config
./configure: line 10602: pkg-config: command not found
*** pkg-config too old; version 0.7 or better required.
checking for GTK+ - version >= 2.5.0... no

This is because of the mentioned bug of not using $PKG_CONFIG.

When I did add pkg-config to the $PATH (using /opt/pkgconfig)
the build did complete OK. So it's just something jhbuild ?

I thought the setup of pkg-config should go next to the
other setup, just to make sure that it finds it alright ?

os.environ["M4"] = _exec_prefix + "/bin/m4"
os.environ['LIBTOOLIZE'] = _exec_prefix + '/bin/libtoolize'


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