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Hi, Greg,

On Thu, Feb 14, 2019 at 4:07 PM Greg Ewing <greg ewing canterbury ac nz> wrote:

Igor Korot via gtk-list wrote:
I interpret this as following:
Using 1, I can select multiple string with just a mouse click if the
string is not being selected. If the string is already selected, it
becomes deselected without selection clearing on any other previously
selected string.

And this is exactly the behavior I see on Windows.

Can you provide an example of a Windows app that behaves like this
(i.e. multiple selection with unmodified mouse clicks)? I can't
remember ever seeing one.

What do you mean - "unmodified mouse clicks"?
Also, as far as I understand most native Windows applications have
extended selection style on and not just multiple selection
just to simplify the bulk selection operation, i.e. pressing
Shift to selecting continuous string in the list box.

I think that extending selection was made just for this purpose -
to allow the user to extend the selection for the bulk strings
either by using Shift or Ctrl.

I can try to create one such application with just a native Windows calls.
and a window with the listbox in it or some MFC application.
Can do it over this weekend.

Does this list allows attachments? Something like zip/tar/7z file?

Thank you.

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