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Hi, list,
This link:
has 4 modes for selection,
while this link:
has 5.

The code actually says:

/* list selection modes */
typedef enum
  GTK_SELECTION_NONE,                             /* Nothing can be selected */
} GtkSelectionMode;

I didn't look at the code. I just followed the documentation.

So unless you dig up an old version of GTK2 (before that deprecation went into
effect), you can't know what EXTENDED selection actually meant. I looked at
gtk+-2.2 (!!!), and it also had that value deprecated. So this must be a
holdout from the GTK+-1.x era.


That doesn't mean that there isn't a case for extending (no pun intended)
current selection (no pun intended) of selection modes, but you'd have to
explain your idea a bit more thoroughly.

Well, there are multiple scenarios.
1. Just clicking on the item.
2. Clicking on the item with the Ctrl key pressed
3. Clicking on the item with the Shift key pressed.

I think that 1 should be defined as multi-select, while 2 and 3 should
be defined as extended one.

And from what I understand, MSW, OSX and Qt all agree with me. ;-)

Thank you.

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