Re: GtkSelectionMode

On 13.02.2019 20:41, Igor Korot via gtk-list wrote:
Hi, list,
This link:
has 4 modes for selection,
while this link:
has 5.

The code actually says:

/* list selection modes */
typedef enum
  GTK_SELECTION_NONE,                             /* Nothing can be selected */
} GtkSelectionMode;

So unless you dig up an old version of GTK2 (before that deprecation went into
effect), you can't know what EXTENDED selection actually meant. I looked at
gtk+-2.2 (!!!), and it also had that value deprecated. So this must be a
holdout from the GTK+-1.x era.

That doesn't mean that there isn't a case for extending (no pun intended)
current selection (no pun intended) of selection modes, but you'd have to
explain your idea a bit more thoroughly.

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