Re: OSX and XQuartz support

28.11.2017 15:48 Andrew Wagner <apwagner alumni stanford edu> wrote:

[...] As for the details of the project that use the windowing system, I’m
uncertain and it would take some effort to figure out what breaks if I tried
to switch to a Quartz backend.

Just try. Depending on what your project uses and requires it may
work without any problems. Or it may turn out that it does not compile
at all and it's better to rewrite the project from scratch.

So asked another way, what are the jhbuild commands to build GTK on a
linux/unix system? 

If you are asking about GTK+ 2.x series, I've checked this and it looks
like it has been dropped from the main modulesets and moved to gnome-world.
[1] The command to build is: jhbuild build gtk+-2 [2] but it will not
work unless you enable gnome-world moduleset. You must create (or edit)
the file ~/.config/jhbuildrc and add this line:

moduleset = 'gnome-world'

More details: [3]

So maybe it's better to think about GTK+ 3.x or 4.x?




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