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From: Andrew Wagner <apwagner alumni stanford edu>
Subject: Re: OSX and XQuartz support
Date: November 27, 2017 at 4:22:45 PM EST
Cc: Stephen Whiteley <stevew wrcad com>

Hi Paul, 

The project isn’t meant to choose, just use the X11 backend. The reason is that its written to be cross platform as much as possible so X11 and GtK are the common framework. Its an open source project found here: https://github.com/wrcad/xictools and any help you or anyone can offer to streamline the GUI (or just the GUI library installation) would be very welcome. 



On Nov 27, 2017, at 4:12 PM, Paul Davis <paul linuxaudiosystems com> wrote:

Why would your project choose to use the X11 backend? How would it choose?

On Mon, Nov 27, 2017 at 2:48 PM, Andrew Wagner <apwagner alumni stanford edu> wrote:
Hi All,

I’m new to gtk and am installing it on my Mac since its a dependency for other code I’m developing. I successfully followed the OSX install instructions:

jhbuild bootstrap
jhbuild build python meta-gtk-osx-bootstrap meta-gtk-osx-core

but noticed afterword that the x11 include files in the source directory had not been installed in the inst/include directory. The project I’m working on uses gtk via x11 rather than the native osx quartz. I was wondering if there was a module like meta-gtk-osx-x11 or meta-gtk-osx-xquartz that would install these for me (I have Xquartz installed)? Is there a way in the mean time to do this by hand? I know that macports has this sorted out but I like to try to get code “from the horses mouth” rather than the various Mac porting platforms. Thanks very much for your help.


Andrew Wagner

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