Re: OSX and XQuartz support

28.11.2017 03:45 Andrew Wagner <apwagner alumni stanford edu> wrote:

 Hi Paul, 
 Thanks for the clarification. Your point about using the native Quartz
windowing system is well taken and may be implemented in the future but right
now thats a bit of a distraction for me. The code I want to compile is
actually sitting in the source that jhbuild pulls down, namely
~/gtk/source/gtk+-2.24.31/gdk/x11 and I have XQuartz installed on my machine
so I have the necessary X11 dependencies but I’m not fluent enough in the gtk
dependency scheme to understand how modify the makefiles to build gtk against
x11 on a mac.  

I'm not sure if I understand your issue correctly so I provide multiple
answers in hope that at least one of them is correct. X11 is a default
GTK backend for Linux and several other Unix-like operating systems.
For OS X the default backend is Quartz. X11 is not available (although
I'm not sure how XQuartz works). I don't know what your application
does. If it uses only the portable GTK and GDK API you should just
build GTK against Quartz (which is default) and your application
should work without any problem. Do you use any X Window System
Interaction API [1] or X API (like Xlib [2]) directly? They will not work
(again, I'm not sure about it and I'll appreciate if somebody explains).
If possible, please remove those calls from your code. You can use
conditional preprocessor directives (#ifdef ... #else ... #endif).

Hope that helps. Regards,



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